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Oil Pipe And Heat Preservation Pipe Production Line

Oil Pipe And Heat Preservation Pipe Production Line

oil pipe and heat preservation pipe production line has excellent flexibility,heat resistance,aging resistance,high mediacal strength,resistance of environment stress crack and so on.If you can quickly enquire to us,our company can give you some advantages and privileges.And if you place an order,we promise to deliver as soon as possible.

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Product Details

product advantage

  PE oil pipe and heat preservation pipe production line has excellent stiffness and flexibility,heat resistance,aging resistance,high medical strength,resistance of environmental stress crack,resistance to creep deformation,heat-linkage,and so on.So,it is preferred gas and water pipe for ductwork system between city and suburb,and plays an important role in the city gas and water supply.


product characteristic

 PE oil pipe production line has a feature of high automatic and stable.It is popular with many customers.And it is the best choice to replace imported production line.Adopt new technology electromagnetic induction controller to control the electromagnetic heating ring,the electricity use ratio exceeds 98%,can save 50% electric energy.

product parts

  PE oil pipe and heat preservation pipe production line is mainly used in the area of agricultural water supply and drainage system,architectural water supply and drainage system,pavement of cable,etc. This line group consists of vacuum calibration tank,haul off unit,cutting unit,stacker.Single screw extruder and haul off unit includes two-claw type,three-claw type,four-claw type,two-claw type,six-claw type,eight-claw type,ten-claw type,twelve-claw type.No-scraps cutting,saw cutting or planetary cutting can be applied,the property of machine group is reliable,production effeciency is high.The planetary cutting machine is fully automatic computer control.


main technical specifications

pipe 规格.png

product dispaly


product preference
  To celebrate our company 16 anniversary,the biggest discount to pe oil pipe and heat preservation pipe machine.If you want to buy,come and contact us.We are famous for our high quality, high efficiency, low waste and low pollution.These years our country even the whole world are grasping environmental problems. President Xi had said the importance of the nature. We have been implementing the green road. Wherever you are from, we must try our best to satisfy you and provide the good extruder, the good plastic machine and good service.

If you are interested in it,feel free to ask us.

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