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XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Maufacturing Line

XPS Heat Insulation Foamed Plate Maufacturing Line

XPS foam board, named as polystyrene extrusion plastic board (XPS for short) has a flawless closed-pore alveolate structure. Its performances such as the density, water absorption, coefficient of heat conducting and the coefficient of steam pervasion and so on have advantage over those of other board in heat preservation materials and they have the characteristics of strong intensity, light material, airlight, anticorrosion, aging resistance, low cost, etc.

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 Compared to other traditional heat insulating material, XPS extrusion foamed board which have advantage of incomparable heat insulation traits, non-water absorption, high compressive strength ,excellent heat preservation performance, low cost, easy and quick execution of works over other traditional heat insulating material, are being widely used in roofing heat preservation thermal insulation system, heat insulation of cold storage warehouse, troop camp, grain depot, and civilian construction interior and outer wall, , Flooring for Airport Runway, square, Civil Engineering for highway, railway, Partition System for apartment, office building, plant and so on. Regardless of whether it is at home or abroad, markets of XPS foamed board which is still in its formative age has huge potential space for development. The line consists of mixing system, extrusion system, down stream equipments, granulation system and foam agent injection system.


Main Technical Specifications

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◆The insulation layer of roof, suitable for reinforced concrete roof, parking roof, is the first choice material of insulation layer.

◆Heat insulation layer of inside and outside wall, used for insulation of inside and outside wall of various large, medium and small buildings and cold storage Temperature system.

◆Interior decoration, advertising board, widely used in interior decoration, ceiling, soundproof wall, sandwich door filling material, Heat insulation, sound insulation, weight reduction, etc.

◆Surface moisture-insulation layer, widely used in the formation of various buildings moisture-proof.

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Guarantee and service

1.The guarantee period is 1 year and service is available lifelong. 

2.The seller will be responsible for the machinery installation and workers’ training. And the

buyer should bear the cost for the seller’s expert in buyer’s country for the round tickets, food,

accommodation, local transportation etc and the cost of the materials of the components.

3.The Seller supplies the complete technical documents and the relative drawings of the electric

components written in Chinese and English.

4.Delivery 60 working days after receiving advance payment.

5.Packing  wood cases or EPE foam sheet


During this guarantee period, JBD will provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by us. If the malfunctions are caused by your incorrect operations, JIUZHOU will provide the buyer spare parts at cost price. 

7.Long-term service 

JBD will charge the buyer cost price of spare parts beyond one year and provide long-term technical guide.

If you are interested in it,feel free to ask us.

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