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Talk About Reduce Processing Cost For Plastic Pipes

In the total cost of plastic pipe, plastic raw material cost is usually a 70%~80% proportion. In recent years, plastic raw material price increases to make plastic pipe manufacturers under enormous cost pressures. Faced with such a situation, how should the pipes manufacturing enterprises through the use of advanced processing techniques to tackle the immediate difficulties? Here, please listen to the voice from the pipe extrusion equipment suppliers.

Q: for the processing of plastic pipe, usually what factors can lead to increases in production costs?

Mr Sun Jiaju: many factors influence the processing cost of plastic pipe, the most direct factor is the raw materials and production efficiency. Typically, any changes in the raw material costs will directly affect the cost of processing pipe. In the total cost of plastic pipes, the proportion of the cost of raw materials generally account for about 80%. However, if you use good technique and equipment, and by improving production efficiency and raw material utilization, can play a role in reducing production costs to some extent. In addition, the labor costs and the consumption of electricity and other energy costs also affected to a certain extent, the processing cost of plastic pipes.

Mr Yu Ketao: plastic pipe, usually lead to rising production cost factors:

Pipe the consumption of raw materials is too large, that is, ensuring performance of pipe with sufficient rigidity and other premise, too many raw materials used per unit length, led to higher costs in production, pipe production efficiency is low, high waste; the tube processing equipment investment costs, daily depreciation high tube processing equipment of high energy consumption.

Q: in the current context of plastics raw materials prices, do you think the plastic pipes manufacturers should reduce the production costs of pipe from what?

Mr Sun Jiaju: I think the selection of processing equipment to reduce processing cost for plastic pipes will play an important role, this is because:

In the case of plastic materials prices, can be done from the perspective of the raw material base is not much, and improve the utilization of raw materials is a very promising direction. For example, by using automatic detection and effective production equipment to improve the yield of the control function, reduce the rate of substandard goods, increases the utilization of raw materials by 5% even more.

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