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Say Goodbye To The Poisonous Runway And Fully Implement The New National Standard For Plastic Track

Say goodbye to the "poisonous runway" and fully implement the new national standard for plastic track

 Since 2015, due to the outbreak of “poisonous runway” incidents in primary and secondary schools across the country, the Ministry of Education has stopped the construction and maintenance of plastic track and led the revision of the new national standard for plastic track. Before the implementation of the new national standard, the standard for reference to the plastic runway of primary and secondary schools is the “Sports and Equipment for the Elementary and Secondary Schools and Part 11: Surfaces of Synthetic Materials” (GB/T 19851.11-2005), which was issued in 2005. The appearance and specifications of the runway, the marking line, the flatness, the thickness, the slope, the physical and mechanical properties and the corresponding inspection methods are all specified. In terms of safety and health, the requirements are “in accordance with relevant national standards”.


 The new national standard was drafted by the Education Equipment Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Education, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection, and other units. After many expert meetings and field visits and sampling across the country. After testing and collecting hundreds of enterprise products on the market for multiple verification experiments, the “Sports and Surfaces of Synthetic Materials for Primary and Secondary Schools” (GB36246-2018) was officially released by the State Education Bureau on May 7, 2018, at intervals. It was officially implemented today (November 1) in the past six months. The new national standard for this implementation is the national mandatory implementation standard, and the old national standard that was replaced is the recommended national standard; this is also one of the biggest changes in the old and new national standards.

 In addition to the big change that has become a mandatory implementation standard, this new national standard adds a very important content to the old national standard. That is, the raw material use and paving of the runway need to issue a type inspection report. The validity period of the report is In 1 year, only companies that have obtained the qualifications for sports facilities through inspection can enter the market. 

 At the same time, in response to the vagueness of the chemical performance specifications in the old national standard in 2005, the new national standard also incorporates chemical properties into the standard in addition to physical properties, and has introduced perfect limits and testing requirements for hazardous substances since the raw material. 

 Compared with the old national standard, the new national standard has 11 more restrictions on hazardous substances (a total of 18 items), and is subdivided into three categories: content, release, and smell. 


It is worth mentioning that this new odor level indicator requires that the synthetic surface layer of the runway should be close to the odorless state in practice. When the odor level is greater than level 3, it should be analyzed and rectified or replaced.          Compared with the old national standard, the new national standard implemented this time has undoubtedly made great progress, but the actual improvement of the new national standard compared to the old national standard still needs to be reflected through the standard landing situation and implementation. This process requires the joint observance of the production enterprise, the construction party, the bidding party and other units. Only when the layers are strictly controlled, and the standard requirements are implemented in the end, the "toxic runway" can be eliminated from the root cause.

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