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PVC Pipe Winter Use Precautions(二)

Fourth, pipe construction:

1. PVC TS pipe construction operation flow chart


2. Precautions for construction of PVC TS pipe:

When the glue is used, insert the inner wall of the pipe socket and the outer wall of the pipe into the part, wipe it with a dry cloth, and apply a proper amount of glue on both ends. Insert it when it is partially volatilized and the adhesion is enhanced. The small diameter can be rotated by 90° to make the glue distribution more uniform, and the medium and large diameter is pulled by the raft or the tensioner to ensure a better sealing effect at the bottom of the insertion socket. When the linear piping exceeds 50 m, the expansion joint must be installed.

3, PVC live casing material construction operation flow chart


4. Precautions for the construction of PVC live casing material:

In the construction of the looper, the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline is considered. The sleeve must have a telescopic gap. The gap is about 10 mm below φ63 mm, 15 mm from φ75 mm to φ110 mm, about 20 mm from φ140 mm to φ160 mm, and 25 mm from φ200 to above.

Fifth, the pipe consolidation

1. Special attention should be paid to the earthwork excavated on both sides of the pipe ditch to prevent the stone from falling into the pipe trench and impacting the pipe; another part should be backfilled immediately after the construction, and the backfilled soil should be good soil (or sand filling), and no hard objects should be allowed. (Frozen soil) is in contact with the pipe material, and the thickness of the good soil on both sides and above the pipe is 20 to 30 cm or more.

2. Pipe fittings (elbows, tees, flange ends) and divergent joints of φ110mm or more in the pipeline must be concrete consolidated to prevent the joint parts from being damaged by water flow to ensure normal use of the pipeline in the future.

Sixth, pipeline pressure test

1. After the pipeline installation is completed, the test site is completely dry (after 24 hours) and the test water is tested. The length of the test water pipeline is preferably 500m. It is strictly forbidden to carry out water test operation under low temperature conditions. When the pipeline is pressure tested, it is necessary to ensure that the water temperature in the pipeline is equal to the ground temperature at that time, and to prevent the pressure of the pipeline from being affected by the temperature difference. The pipe must be backfilled with 40 cm of water to test pressure. Do not use air pressure test.

2. Install the exhaust valve at the water inlet, outlet, and the highest point. When testing, first open the exhaust valve before filling, then slowly fill the water. After the water valve has a water column evenly flowing out, turn down from low to high. When the pressure is increased to 0.2-0.3Mpa, the exhaust gas is exhausted several times, the residual air is completely removed, and then the pressure is increased to the specified pressure value, and then the pressure gauge is observed for 1 hour, and the pressure-reducing or depressurizing range is 0.05. Within the Mpa is qualified.


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