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PVC Pipe Winter Use Precautions (一)

Since October, the temperatures in various regions have continued to fall, especially in some northern regions, the temperature has dropped below zero, and it has entered the freezing period. Because of the low temperature and brittleness of PVC pipes at low temperatures, it is easy to break the pipe, so Huaya Dongying Plastics The company has accumulated years of accumulated construction experience, and now the precautions for the use of PVC pipe in winter are as follows:

First, pipe handling:

Strictly regulate the handling, transportation, loading and unloading of products, and there shall be no throwing, falling, rolling or dragging to prevent damage to the products. In particular, it must be handled lightly during the unloading process. After transporting to the construction site, it should be properly kept to prevent the pipe from rubbing against sharp objects. Personnel must not step on the pipe, the above behavior will cause cracks and internal injuries in the inner wall of the pipe, and multiple bursts will occur when the pressure is applied.

Second, pipe trench mining:

1. Pipe trench excavation should consider the depth of local frozen soil. The pipeline must be buried below the frozen soil layer. The buried depth of the pipeline is generally below 1.2~1.5 meters. The width of trench excavation should be based on the outer diameter of the pipe and the width of the bottom of the trench. It is advisable to add 300 mm to the outer diameter; it is not allowed to trample the pipe during construction.

2.  the bottom of the ditch should be leveled, no stones, bricks and other debris, if there is a hard object, you must add 10cm and fill the sand, then install the pipeline. When the pipeline is bent, it should be within 2° of the allowable angle, and the hard bending of the pipe should not occur.

Third, the pipe laying:

Check whether the pipe is damaged before the lower pipe (special socket and socket end), if it is damaged, replace it in time, and cut it according to the regulations (TS pipe: 30-45°, live casing: 20°). Pipes and pieces cannot be thrown into the ditch, and should be handled lightly.

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