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PVC Fell Below The Annual Price II

In terms of downstream demand, according to industry insiders, the current inventory of PVC downstream sample companies, as of October 15, sample inventory has rebounded, and close to the previous year's high, and the start-up index also rebounded, exceeding the 2017 start index .

"In addition, after research with traders, some downstream have large demand for replenishment, but they are holding a wait-and-see attitude toward the current price, so the transaction has not been heavy." Zhongcai Futures Research said.

In terms of profit, according to the agency's calculation, as of October 22, the profit of the northwest enterprise's double ton was 2,563 yuan, down by 75 or 2.84% compared with the previous week; the comprehensive profit of Shandong's coal mining was 461 yuan, down from the previous week. 70 or 13.18%.

The long-term line is easy to fall

"In the short-term, the current PVC price is in a dilemma. The expectation of increased supply and declining demand in the early stage has already been in the previous wave of decline, basically digested, and the downward momentum is insufficient, and the rebound lacks obvious drivers. The shock consolidation trend is dominated.” The agency pointed out that in the medium and long term, the main variables downstream of PVC are still in real estate and export-related data, real estate data is weak, and due to external factors, the late expectations are not optimistic, so PVC is In 2019, the overall trend was weak.

"Considering the current price difference is large, the future price price rebound is also reasonable. From a technical point of view, the KDJ indicator is about to form a golden fork, and the MACD indicator green column is further shortened, indicating that the empty side has weakened. The rallies strategy is the mainstay, but there is still a possibility of a small rebound." Liu Tianyu said.

Looking forward to the market outlook, industry insiders analyzed that in the short term, PVC spot may slightly increase in the short-term rebound of futures, but in the medium and long-term trend, there are still expectations.


(Article source: China Securities Journal, China Securities Network)


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