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PPR Pipe Winter Use Precautions(二)

Since October, the temperature in various regions has continued to fall, especially in some parts of the northern region, which have fallen below zero, and entered the freezing period. Because of the low temperature and brittleness of PPR pipes at low temperatures, it is easy to break the pipe。Here we list some method to prepare this matter.

Three, the pipe consolidation

Pipe fittings (elbows, tees, flange ends) and divergent joints of φ110mm or more in the pipeline must be concrete consolidated to prevent the joint parts from being damaged by water flow to ensure normal use of the pipeline in the future.

Four, pipeline pressure test

1. After the pipeline installation is completed, the water to be welded is completely cooled and then tested. The length of the test pipeline is preferably 500m. It is forbidden to carry out water test operation under low temperature conditions. When the pipeline is pressure tested, it is necessary to ensure that the water temperature in the pipeline is equal to the ground temperature at that time, to prevent the pressure of the pipeline from being affected by the temperature difference, and the test pressure is broken. Do not use the air pressure test.

2. Install the exhaust valve at the water inlet, outlet, and the highest point. When testing, first open the exhaust valve before filling, then slowly fill the water. After the water valve has a water column evenly flowing out, turn down from low to high. When the pressure is increased to 0.2-0.3Mpa, the exhaust gas is exhausted several times, the residual air is completely removed, and then the pressure is increased to the specified pressure value, and then the pressure gauge is observed for 1 hour, and the pressure-reducing or depressurizing range is 0.05. Within the Mpa is qualified.

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