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Plastics Products Exports To Europe Suffered A "spell"

After a one-year transition period, new plastic products and regulations of the European Commission to happen. Published recently by the Ministry of Commerce website news, published by the European Commission food-contact plastics materials and products-new regulations on March 25, major adjustments involved a number of specific chemical substances migration of tightening. Industry analysts said that plastic products do not meet the requirements will not be allowed to enter the EU market, affecting the export market share of SMEs.

Plastics modified EU regulations

The full name of the regulations for food contact plastics materials and articles 10/Law No. 2011. In early February this year, the European Commission said, new rules announced last year, formally in place since March 25. Since 2011 the European Commission again revised such laws.

State Department of Commerce Web site information display, new laws increasing the two monomers that can be used in the manufacture of food contact materials; on specific migration limit of dicyandiamide monomers can be clearly identified as 60 milligrams per kilogram; separate limited original material, changes and new common limit substance diphenyl methyl isocyanate, specific migration is 0.05 milligrams per kilogram. Meanwhile, restrictions such as content is updated.

In this regard, the view of the industry, as a general rule, does not meet the requirements of food contact plastics products in the future, will be banned from entering the EU market. According to public reports, after the implementation of new rules, in the EU market of plastic materials and products may not comply with the new regulations, face the risk of being pulled from the shelves or inform.

However, the EU still leaves some room for on February 26 this year in line with provisions of plastic materials and products is still allowed to continue to circulate until February 26, 2016 until stock runs out.

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