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Plastics Contribute To China's 14-year Trade Surplus High

According to today's New York Times article said that Chinese plastic product makers have slashed prices, consumers purchasing most of the positive contribution, of course, both domestic and export markets. The report refers to a plastic container manufacturer in Wuxi Wuxi Redhot Industries Company, and said intense competition in the domestic market, coupled with chronic excess capacity and products to compete on price.

In other words, after the price of Chinese exports gained a larger share of the global market, while imported raw material prices, thus leading to a trade surplus high.

The domestic market also has said. On November 27 the Fuzhou evening news reported that the number of supermarkets and general stores in Fuzhou introduced plastic products, promotions, many products such as plastic basins, box price is only about two-thirds of the past. The report's authors interviewed the heads of a plastics factory in Fuzhou, which says, plastic materials cost is big, in proportion of total costs accounted for 70%~85%. Labour costs accounted for 5%~20%, design and development costs accounted for 10%~30%.

The plastics industry says, almost all raw material spot prices are lower this year. Plastics prices as oil prices plummet, procurement costs down 13%. PTA spot the biggest price decline reached 40%, polyethylene prices fell 17.6%. Under the influence of this product have 5%~20% different cut total costs.

But the cost of raw material prices, not all plastic products key.

Shenzhen news net on November 7, it was reported that labor cost impact far greater than the impact of raw materials to industry, artificial rose, recruitment difficulties has had a huge impact on the toy industry. The report quoted GuanLan baode toy factory Director Xue Xiaowei, ABS, PVC and other materials for the toy industry is 1%-2%.

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