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Plastics Coded With "cancer Warning" The Mysteries Of

When you select a plastic cup, what do you focus on? function, shape and price? said "plastic cups, bottle or container numbers will tell us how to use at the bottom of a product or packaging. "So, this argument isn't it? plastic figure at the bottom of what encoding was used for?

Figures associated with the warning?

Interview with reporters in some supermarkets in Beijing found that drinking glasses, water bottles, plastic utensils, beverage bottles, baby bottles and other plastic products of different numbers are at the bottom. Mineral water and Gold Dragon fish, and Fu rimmon, brand edible oil of bottle end of mark with "1", sea fly silk shampoo and vinegar, and soy sauce of bottle end of mark with "2", Nivea cosmetics and microwave dedicated Bowl bottom standard bottle end of mark with "5", portable Cup and plastic boxes, mark "7", preservation film most in significantly location mark with "PE" words. Reporters said one consumer, heard of plastic bottom with numbers, "is the representative of as plastics materials, also based on figures to determine how to more safely use. ”

The reporter then interviewed more than 10 customers, said most consumers know that plastics have digitally encoded, but the use of codes is not clear.

Careful consumers told reporters that network introduced on plastic coding knowledge, "encoding corresponding to the different types of plastic must be used according to the coding of digital products. For example, cannot install hot water hot water in plastic bottles may be poisoned. ”

China plastics processing industry association:

Is designed to facilitate recycling

Ma Zhanfeng, China plastics processing industry Association Secretary-General, told reporters that General regular factory producing plastic cups or other plastic products will have a small triangle at the bottom, there are a number, this number represents the material used by the Cup. Some manufacturers will be at the triangle shows that specific material of the initials. But these plastic cups, plastic bottles or number at the bottom of the plastic container and cannot be equated with proper use. And more should be noted is that digital coding of plastics products, and "cancer warning" it does not matter, figure at the bottom of plastic codes associated with the warning is a misreading of encoding information.

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