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Plastic Product Development Should Take Into Account Before Handling Problems After Consumption

In front of the bloody lessons again and again, we have long memories, taking into account the pollution and treatment problems are more and more usedregardless of 3,721, economic growth was the first, variable times, most of ushave human living environment issues to the front, post consumer issues to beconsidered before the production.

Population growth, urbanization, and changes in lifestyle, resulting inincreasingly serious environmental problems. The wide use of disposable plasticproducts not only consume a lot of oil resources, and also put pressure on theEarth's environment and urban waste plastics treatment.

In China the "white pollution" of disposable plastic products the term hasbecome a household name synonymous with environmental pollution. To this end,community organizations, government departments, have made this issue, industryexperts contribute to efforts to eliminate the environmental pollution caused byplastic

In the 1970 of the 20th century, the plastics and the environment are issues ofindustry concern, as it relates to the sustainable development of the industry.Plastics and the environment including the urban solid waste post-consumerplastic processing and plastic film on agricultural fields pollution, recyclingof waste plastics, foam blowing agent issues, toxicity of heavy metals inplastics additives, raw materials and other problems.

Among them, a more intuitive, is more concerned about hotspot is post-consumerplastics in municipal solid waste disposal problem. A lot of disposablepackaging products, such as plastic bags and tableware, in particular thepollution of disposable polystyrene foam lunch boxes, not only caused widespreadconcern in the community, finally led to the end of 2000 the prohibition of theuse of fate.

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