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How To Decrease The Cost Of Pipe Machine

In the past few years, the rise of plastic raw materials price has put plastic pipe manufacturers at great cost pressure. In a such situation, how should pipeline manufacturing companies respond to immediate difficulties through advanced processing technology? Here, please listen to the sound of the extrusion equipment supplier.

plastic material2

Q: In the context of the current price of plastic raw materials, what do you think plastic pipe manufacturers should reduce production costs?

Mr. Sun Jiaxuan: I think that choosing processing equipment to reduce the processing cost of plastic pipes will play an important role because:

Q: What factors usually lead to an increase in production costs for the processing of plastic pipes?

Mr. Yu Ketao: Plastic pipes, which usually lead to rising production costs:

The consumption of pipe raw materials is too large, that is, the premise that the performance of the pipe material is sufficiently rigid, and the raw materials used per unit length are too much, resulting in high production cost, low production efficiency of pipes, high waste, and high investment cost of pipe processing equipment. High cost and high energy consumption in pipe processing equipment.

In the case of the price of plastic raw materials, there is not much to do from the perspective of raw material base, and increasing the utilization rate of raw materials is a very promising direction. For example, by using automatic detection and efficient production equipment to increase the output of control functions, reduce the ratio of non-conforming products, and increase the utilization rate of raw materials by 5% or more.


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