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Plastic additive inverse market rally

Plastic additives in plastic products account for a proportion of less than 8%, but its on the properties of plastics processing and products improve and enhance the role it plays a vital role. Once a structure in polymer resins, selection and application of additives is to determine the success or failure of the product key.

As an important support the plastics processing industry, plastics additives and advanced levels, the level of product quality, price, directly affect and determine a variety of molding process and equipment to produce plastic products of quality and value. It can be said that the plastics processing industry and plastic products to raise the standards of plastic additives to upgrade as advance!

In recent years, the auxiliary industry has made considerable progress and achievements. Plasticizer production of scale, and technology, and products quality and products varieties and domestic self-sufficiency rate constantly improve; calcium zinc class hot stable agent of capacity, and varieties and the application volume sharply growth, lead salt stable agent proportion further reduced; no halogen, and low smoke expansion type flame retardant agent and organic silicon flame retardant agent of development production made effectiveness; new molecular structure, and dedicated type of antioxidant, and light stable agent varieties constantly produced. In addition, chemical foaming agents, impact modifiers and lubricants, coupling agents, antistatic agents, nucleating agents and other auxiliary products has achieved encouraging results.

Since 2015 in an industry sales are slightly down, but tons of profit margin has improved, some even appear against the rally situation. In the case of the plastics industry as a whole is not optimistic, product development is better than other varieties. These advances in plastics additives on quality of products and production, effectively pushing and promoting plastics used and the production and processing of development and progress.

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