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PE plastic sheet production line imported products

Our domestic PE plastic sheet production line, main electrical components are imported products, a high degree of automation, production speed, easy operation, price less than 1/10 of introduction of similar imported equipment. Production of wood-plastic plate with the equipment, PVC and wood powder, plant straw as raw material, extrusion molding process from product quality to meet the standard requirements of similar foreign products. 

The production plate fire-proof, moisture-proof, fire-retardant features, widely used in construction, decoration and maintenance and has broad market prospect and lasting marketing potential. Wooden plastic instead of wood, to protect forest resources; wooden plastic can plant straw, to reduce environmental pollution; plywood boards to eliminate white pollution, beautify the environment. 

Processes: sawdust (fiber) drying, add a large amount of wood powder; minor changes, but also can produce PVC foam board, rice bran can substitute for wood.

PE plastic sheet production line with a specially designed SJSZ92 conical twin screw extruder, DC variable speed drive, temperature control instrument for imported brands, has a wide speed range, high precision temperature control, easy to operate and reliable. Auxiliary vacuum shaping table, traction machine, cutting machine and push frame. 

Equipped with large cooling device to ensure that sheet metal forming result. Track-type tractor with precision gear motor and inverter, with a reasonable structure, greater traction, traction, stability and so on. Cutting machine with a reliable and accurate, high cutting accuracy merit, push the rack with removable push trolley and special rubber coating, with not hurting material, easy to use and so on. Auxiliary machine unit with programmable control system for computer control or domestic brands, complete machine controls reliable stability.

Qingdao Jeebo Machinery Co.,Ltd
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