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PBT core-spun yarn market demand because

Tongxiang market demand

In the textile market as a whole suffered when winter comes, Tongxiang market it is another story. It is understood that the Tongxiang cored imitation rabbit hair yarn on the market like a fire in winter, demand blowout, bring warm to cool the market. At present, mixed cotton spinning core-spun yarn machine accessories, from raw materials to the PBT nylon, are presented in short supply. According to statistics, the cotton bale up 35% in the past two months, delivery for a period of 15 days; core accessory device costs rose 38%, the delivery period is extended to 20 days. Yarn orders, but must be scheduled. The other hand, the market recently to buy light flashing spontaneously spun numerous, serious short supply situation on the market. This Flash short fiber core-spun yarn production Flash imitation rabbit hair raw materials.

Zhangjiagang factory production PBT core-spun yarn

To main of package core yarn production base Zhangjiagang de product town for cases, conservative estimated currently production PBT package core yarn equipment has near 400 Taiwan, this a number still in continues to rose, currently local production more of factory main concentrated in small scale of processing type factory, part factory production proportion has has half above, in the large ammonia LUN package core yarn factory production relative caution, part benefits better ammonia LUN package core yarn factory does not production, but with PBT package core yarn market of continued, Join PBT also has a growing number of factories in core-spun yarn production.

What is PBT fiber?

PBT is a kind of new polyester fibers, usually based on PTA direct esterification with BDO in the production, and then undergo a condensation reaction, and then by melt spinning and PBT fibres. 30%~60% PBT fiber elongation, elastic recovery than polyester and nylon, spandex in less than; Moreover, PBT fiber has a great rigidity and shape stability, bulkiness, and curl is excellent, and with wool feel, so in some areas of fabric also has greater potential.

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