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On 2016 polypropylene industry development

By December, around 2015, at the low price of international crude oil, single and multiple negative factors such as supply and demand imbalance hit, polypropylene in China and even the whole plastics industry downturn, falling prices, and future filled with question marks. Although in recent years, production of polypropylene catalyst technology, development technologies have made considerable progress, but special material with high added value still needs to import technologies also rely on imported. Coupled with the prices of national products in the Middle East, squeezing our markets, business competition is more intense. So. Where to start to make a qualitative leap for the domestic pp trades.

Although polypropylene unit number, but small production scale, single-unit production capacity is limited, leading to sluggish production, higher energy consumption. Therefore, we should phase out backward production capacity, restrict industry access system to ensure that the new project in the scale and process have reached international advanced level, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises strive for product quality and world-class.

Second, China's technology development capacity, should enhance the ability of independent innovation and industrialization of excellent research and development products as soon as possible, actively tracking the world of polypropylene catalyst technologies and applications in order to enhance the competitiveness of domestic technology, shortening the gap between international purposes.

Three current impact copolymer polypropylene products products and low percentage materials, such as high-end products. Adjustment of product structure, strengthen its efforts to develop new products is imminent. Future new projects should focus on high quality, high value-added products.

The four, established sales network, through market channels, flexibility to adjust production to meet market demand, and the ready judgment of market demand will also help companies avoid unnecessary risks.

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