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Modified plastic to "the three" change

The inorganic minerals such as calcium carbonate powder is added to the base resin, played three major functions increases, improved performance and increased functionality, called a plastic filling. In the case of performance to meet, using more powder, and greater cost reduction role. Reduce the amount of oil-based raw materials of synthetic resin used, greater contributions to society. As China's economy has entered a "new normal" and change in the mode of economic growth, more new demands on the modified plastic. In General, light, functional and eco is the future direction of the industry.


Because the inorganic mineral powder density higher than the density of the polymer resin (2-3 times), filled with plastic material density also increases significantly because of the added powder. Unit weight of the material, of pure resin and powder ratio is small in size, number, length, area, for which the price is calculated, and losses due to the decrease of these elements often outweighs the benefits of using a cheap powder fillers. In addition, weight gain also increase of transport costs, labor and other issues. However, the study found, through raw materials and technology and equipment innovation, "weight problem" can be solved to some extent.

The stretching process

Polypropylene (PP) flat, after nearly six times times the tensile, calcium carbonate powder particles dispersed in the PP molecules formed through a stretch of holes so that the same weight of material, its flat wire length did not change significantly, therefore high tensile products weight problems is not obvious.

Blow molding of plastic film at the time of processing by bidirectional stretch, stretch ratio vary depending on different materials, but generally two or three times. And add the same amount of powder injection molded plastic material, density of blown film is much smaller.

Test results also showed that, even for injection molding, if you can master the injection pressure and holding pressure time, equally formulations and processing equipment, changes in material density up to 3~4% of its injection molding products.

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