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Direct contact with the pharmaceuticals packaging material and container options

Due to packaging material, and container of composition, and drug by select of original accessories and the production process of different, drug packaging material and container in the some group copies may will was by contact of drug dissolved out, and or and drug occurred each other role, and or was drug long-term soaking corrosion off tablets and directly effect drug of quality; and, some on drug quality and the human of effect has hidden sex (that through on drug quality and the human of General test cannot timely found of problem).

Selected principles and requirements

1, packaging functionality

Pharmaceutical production factory, storage, transportation, drug use, during the period of drug, plays the protection of drug quality, convenient health care function.

2, selecting principle

Must be based on the characteristics of drug demand and drug packaging materials, formulation and production processes, select light, heat, cold, radiation shielding excellent barrier properties, oxygen, water vapor, and other factors, their own stability, and drug packaging materials and containers or transfer to each other.

Qingdao Jeebo Machinery Co.,Ltd
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