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Dawn polyethylene market quiet for too long?

From market, the main factors affecting the PE market are: upstream market fundamentals of supply and demand, pricing policies for petrochemical enterprises and the linear trend of futures.

Upstream markets: international oil prices since last year's high of $ 110 early plummet. At present, the United States New York crude oil futures prices to float around $ 40, Brent crude oil futures prices to float around $ 44. Supply reduction, weak demand, high crude oil inventories will continue to restrain price, high inventory day lifted, oil price rebound is weak. Asian vinyl, due to tight supply and lower demand, supporting ethylene prices in Northeast Asia, however, compared with the same period last year, the spread is still huge.

Fundamentals of supply and demand: as coal chemical plants less stable, short-term parking and repair of accident are so much in November, but lost production due to parking and repair only a hundred thousand of tons, so the market supply pressure is still great. Subsequent market impact of coal gasification project, Shenhua Yu Lin 300,000 tons of capacity to delay until the end of December launch, covered 300,000 tons of coal plant in March next year is expected to put in. Production of coal gasification project, although hard to beat for a short time in PetroChina and Sinopec in the plastics market leader, but it will gradually weaken the industry from monopoly profits, the market faces challenges. Demand, in the context of the economic downturn, the plastics industry cannot be an exception. Orders, and raw materials this year than in previous years, the plastic manufactures large and medium enterprises operating in 70%, agricultural enterprises operating in the 60%-80%, factory stock poor motivation, limited number of procurement as a whole, difficult to support the stock market. Or weak demand situation continues to plague the market Outlook.

Petrochemical industry: under the influence of crude oil/futures are down, the regional series of cut price of petrochemical, oil, erosion of support on the market at the same time, it also shows that there are still some pressure on the stock market pessimism increased, resulting in a sluggish overall market hard. The end of this month, oil prices stop falling back on the spot market with strong positive support, but a sustainable rebound is difficult to predict in the future price of crude oil and Futures trends will continue to be an important factor about prices of petrochemical.

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