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Coal to olefin cold but not hot where dilemma

2015, China coal business olefin added capacity release pace obviously slowed, planned this year should have has more than 3 million tons device production, but, as October end of new device spread can only has Tung Wah Group of energy Yangtze River petrochemical and Pucheng clean energy, and according to reliable message said, is expected to this year second half of production of 350,000 tons/years of in Inner Mongolia long Thai energy PP device will postponed to 2016, and is expected to November end of drive of in the coal cast big, this year can drive currently still not released determine message. Meanwhile, Changzhou Fude, Guangzhou petrochemical and Qinghai Salt Lake also has different time delays. Coal to olefin is not punches were slow, the way?

Say by the truth, a lean-oil country of 1.3 billion people has more than 10 coal gasification devices isn't so much, but mentioned, many investors are bullish because of the economic prospects of coal gasification. So its slowing profits and production be partly to blame. For nearly a year, international oil prices fall from the top, a slump from which the potential, long-term low shock actually oils to olefins dominant highlights not only technology is more mature, and the cost is cheaper. Coal to olefin profit advantage gradually disappeared at the same time, as the PP, PE market price continues falling, oil products and coal products spread in recent days to narrow, coal chemical industry low pricing advantage no longer. In PP, for example, is now coal to olefins businesses from coal to the polypropylene raw material costs, financial costs and management costs in the sum of around 7000 Yuan/ton, with the PP market price difference, some companies even lost money, profit, and in the case, future development of coal to olefins can be described as mysterious.

Of course, in addition to the low price of oil this restriction of domestic coal to olefin production slowdown of the project the main factors, technology, capital, environmental impact assessment and a series of questions, and common purpose of driving in the slow lane. Predicted that if international oil prices remain at around 50 dollars a barrel, they ought to re-examine the prospects for coal to olefins is expected.

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