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Brief analysis of the development of packaging materials and standards

China plastics packaging materials industry has become one of the mainstream industries, 2011 our packaging industrial output reached 130 million Yuan, increasing by 20% year, 2014 or to reach 2 trillion yuan, ranked 14th in 42 major industries in the country, has become the second largest United States the world's second largest package. Food packaging companies accounting for about 1/3,,2013 years throughout the packaging industry enterprises, China's plastics processing enterprises above the designated size production reached 61.886 million tons, plus production for small and micro businesses of more than 80 million tons in 2014, the use of plastic packaging products has exceeded 100 million tons, of which, more than about 20 million tons of food packaging plastic, so its security can also become a hot topic.

In plastic material and plastic products in the, and plastic resin and the plastic products processing about of various additives varieties has many, to reached plastic resin or products a a characteristics, in processing forming in the we needed added must of proportion to improved its processing performance or characteristics, and these processing additives for its itself of structure characteristics in using process in the or products in the has not stability, to led to harmful gas volatile and migration, to people life brings has must of negative factors.

In particular, we do not regulate business to constantly pursue benefits. Heavy use of substandard raw materials to production, leading to market confusion; some small cottage factories. Itself the raw materials it uses are legitimate, in the process, do not meet food packaging production technology requirements, the production does not meet the requirements of the final product, brings to the market as a whole misleading.

So around plastic food packaging material of security problem has been thought became people most care of hot, China due to plastic industry started late, and development quickly, domestic demand huge, led to some hidden of against to timely found, standardized of standard in a time to and market phase corresponds to, this to some small of workshop type factory left has a survival of space, while also to industry brings has negative of effect.

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