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PET Sheet Extrusion Line

PET Sheet Extrusion Line

PET sheet extrusion line developed by our company with compact structure, high and stable output, reasonable configuration and high automation is avaliable for 100% reclaimed scrap material and can prdouce PET sheet use for packing material due to its advantages of air insulation, being free from other additives, cleanliness, good tenacity and ductibility, good reclaiming performance, etc. they are poplular in the following packing and printing fields as medicine, food, electric appliance, toys, etc.

Product Details

  Details of PET sheet extrusion line

I> General description of PET sheet extrusion line

Power supply

380V 3Phase 50HZ

Width of the product


Thickness of the product


Output capacity


Line speed


The main lists of PET sheet extrusion line


Dehydrating,drying and crystal machine

   One set


SJ120/33 Vacuum exhaust single   screw extruder

   One set


Hydraulic automatic exchange net system

   One set


Melt metering pump

   One set


PET sheet mold

   One set


Oblique three roller calender

   One set


Roller temperature controller

   One set


Cooling and slitting machine

           One set


Haul off machine

   One set


Double position   coiler

           One set

1.Dehydrating,drying and crystal machine

Dehydrating and drying device

Dryer   model



450 kg/h

Drying   time


Drying   temperature


Drying   and heating power

45   kw

Regenerative   heating power


Drying   fan

Input   fan:7.5kw ,output fan:11.5kw

Recuperative   fan


2. SJ120/33 Vacuum exhaust single screw extruder


Technical Parameters

1. Extruder

Outer   Size (mm)


Total   Weight (Kg)


The   brands and origin places of the conductive oil; The temperature of carbon   deposit

YD132,   Jiangyin Chemical Plant; Carbon   deposit temperature 200℃.


Pressure   Display

With   melt pressure display

Connection   of die head with flange

By   bolts

3.Hydraulic automatic exchange net system

Hydraulic   motor power


Hydraulic   pump pressure


Screen   plate material


Screen   plate quantities

2 pieces

Heating   power


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